Shed Antler & Trout Lilies

Antlers as a symbol of male virility have long been a subject of folklore , magic and mythology, although it’s true that some does will grow antlers. They are used by the males as weapons to push off or fight other males that wish to mate with the females. It seems safe to say that having larger antlers might determine who fathers the next generation. Antlers are a marvel of nature as they are the only “horns” that grow fresh every year. Near season’s end an enzyme begins to work at the base of the antler and by winter the antler is easily shed, knocked loose by low tree branches and such. In spring, new antlers begin to sprout again . If you go walking in the woods be on the lookout for shed antler. If you are lucky enough to find one, circle around, you may find its mate. It would be a wonder if I found even one. This particular antler was found more than 40 years ago by my Uncle Russell , a woodsman and extraordinary gentle man by all accounts. He passed on when I was 7 , I barely knew him yet , I can remember so many wonderful things about him.It was a joy to ink this picture, thinking of him and holding the antler that he held in his hands so long ago. He loved the woods as I do now, so I feel connected to him in this way. I put into this picture many of the elements I find to be part of the strength of a forest. There are nuts to provide food. Wildflowers to fill the eyes with beauty. There are fallen leaves to tell the story of seasons passing and seed hulls that remind us; life for the forest is not over. The tree trunk is anchored firmly in the earth even as it’s branches reach the sky. The scarred shed antler tells its own story of battles fought, perhaps won. It boasts to have been alive and a part of the circle of life. The deer lived and lives on. And now, here I am . Find me.

The original is one of the larger pieces I have inked , the image is 18" x 13". It is double matted and framed in a custom frame that is an echo of the bone's texture and the color of the hazelnut leaves , both combined . It is for sale for $1600. Limited edition signed & numbered prints are available in two sizes. The small print measures 10.25" x 7.5" and the large one at 15" x 11".

small print $ 45.00           large print $ 80.00



The arrowhead picture was inspired by two events years apart. A few years ago i was hanging around the marsh in Delaware enjoying the sun and the salty air. A man was there pulling his canoe out of the water. He noticed me and saw his chance to share his find ...a few arrowheads. He told me that once in a while he would paddle into harder to reach places among the reeds & mud and look for arrowheads. He sure did have success that day. I am a great great granddaughter of Lenape Indians . My childhood was filled with walks through the woods and into the newly dug up fields after every harvest looking for Indian artifacts. Looking for arrowheads & other tools is a part of my family history, so his find was interesting to me and had meaning. Last summer I was on another walk in the marsh, this time in Virginia and with a naturalist. She pointed out the periwinkle snails attached to the grasses. She told me they spend their whole life traveling up the grass when the tide comes in & traveling down when it goes out. I am still wrapping my mind around the prospects of such a life. To casual observation a quiet, tiny life, yet they have purpose and strength as they survive and have survived much. I wondered if there was amusement in their life that I was unaware. Perhaps they tell jokes to each other or maybe they are the bearers of enormous universal truths, whispered through the grasses from snail to snail. But looking at them I had to acknowledge that it was not for me to know. I am me and they are snails and we both have our place in this point in time. I am reminded that it is enough to be , without explanation. I strive so much at times to move forward and to go places in mind, in heart, in travel. I feel like I failed if I stay still too long. As an artist & creator observing and loving the wonderful things that nature holds out for us to see , I realize that God must see me too as I am traveling my quiet, tiny paths up, down, side to side. I think God the creator sees us. Approves. Loves us. Provides each of us a place to just be. Thinking of these things settles me down and gives me peace from strife. And then...I ink another picture .

In my picture the story is short & sweet. The tide went out , there are drops of water hanging on the leaves. The snails came down and saw the arrowhead...shaped similar to themselves.

The original "Arrowhead" is available framed double matted in a pretty dark wood ornate frame. It is $400.00. I also have it available as a limited edition signed numbered print . It is very similar in size to the original , 7 1/4" wide , 10" long. Sized like that to make the periwinkles near to their actual size in life.

Print $ 45.00

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