An Owl About

I found an owl feather and as I admired it I thought if I were a mouse a find like this would worry me. That is what inspired this picture of a sweet little field mouse , one hand on the quill looking up in wonder... is the owl still about?

This image is 7" tall & 10.25" wide. The original is SOLD but prints are available in the same size ~ $ 45.00

Blue Jay Feather & Ginko Leaves  

I may have mentioned Cookie before, you can see her picture below . She was my feline shaped shadow , silent watcher and nap partner. A small , tuxedo colored female feline. My girl. Like Picasso, Cookie went thru her own blue period , a time in which she seemed to prefer the hunt and taste of bluejays. I found only the feathers in various places around the garden and under the trees. One cat's trash is another woman's treasure . I couldn't let the beauty of those feathers and the lives they clothed , go unhonored . I inked this feather as if it fell on fresh fallen ginko leaves. I like the simplicity of this picture and the complimentary way the blue works against the yellow. The image is small , life sized , only 8"x6" in size . The original has been sold to a lovely couple in Middletown Delaware. Limited edition signed and numbered prints are still available for purchase . They are the same size as the original and are $ 35.00  unframed .

Forget Me Not

This is a picture of time passing. A feather once attached to a winging bird has fallen. The lace skeleton of a leaf , once joined to a large and living tree , is also now separated and isolated. They cradle each other celebrating the beauty that was theirs, is theirs ...still. They lay on rocks and pebbles worn smooth by time plus water, wind, use .... perhaps. There between the rocks , push forth the green newcomers , called and calling , Forget Me Nots. I enjoyed a sense of serenity as I thought & inked this one. The cool smooth round of the stones , the softness of the feather ( a woodpeckers) offered a calm to my mind. The leaf and the exploration by pen of its structure was focusing. The concept of what is old being cast aside in favor of the new is a part of life often faced with quiet dread. But nature shows us , that the old passes so that new life can be. I find peace in that word , and in being accepting of that truth. To just Be. That is enough.

Back to business, the image itself is 10" wide x 7" tall.  The feather & leaf are life sized. Limited Edition Signed and numbered prints are available for $35.00 .

The original has been sold.

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