Chickadee and Ginkgo

A cute little Chickadee sits among the Autumn Ginkgo leaves. The image is 8" x 6" and compliments the Blue Jay feather on the Fallen Feathers page.

The original is SOLD
Limited Edition prints of the chickadee $ 40.00


Someone asked me to ink an owl and so I picked this little red Screech Owl. I decided to give him a magical colored sky. He looks over his shoulder at you wondering... how did YOU get up here without me hearing you?

The original is sold. Limited edition S/N prints are available of the owl. The prints measure 7" x 10" so the owl is life sized . They are $45.00 .

 Red Winged Blackbird

I often see this pretty scene as I pass by the salt marshes. The Red Winged Blackbirds begin to come here in the spring and they land on stalks so fragile in appearance , it gives one the illusion that they are almost suspended in space. This one is posed between some pale pink Swamp Rose Mallows.

 The original image is SOLD.

I have Limited Edition (300) signed & numbered prints available in one size only 7 1/2" x 16" . They are made to fit matted inside a 10" x 20" frame , an easily found size these days. The prints are $75.00

Egret's Paradise

Chincoteague Island and the wildlife refuge there is the inspiration for this picture of an Egret's Paradise . I do not usually ink landscapes but I have logged so many quiet hours meditating on the flat marsh and beaches there that this scene is a part of my heart. I have often watched the sun rise there just as this egret is doing here. What I could not ink is the redwinged blackbirds song or the sound of the wind shhhhooshing over dry grasses. Notice the back of the snapping turtle rising out of the water.

The original is sold

Limited Edition prints ( only 100 in this edition) are available  6.25" wide and 11" tall.

They only come in the one size and are $60.00.

Great White Egret     &      Great Blue Heron


A Great White Egret at Bombay Hook is the complimentary partner to the Great Blue Heron at Port Penn (those are the full titles)  but each is lovely all its own too.  I spend a great deal of time at Bombay Hook Refuge in Delaware watching the egrets , geese , ducks and herons.  It is a beautiful and serene place to watch nature and sketch birds . I get good ideas when I am there. Wide open spaces and soft creature sounds make this artist's heart beat slower and mind think clearer. Maybe that is why folks around here like these beautiful birds.

   I saw the Heron just north of Port Penn , standing on the muskrat's home. Some pictures just present themselves and need no other embellishment. I inked him just the way I saw him.

The original of this Heron picture won a ribbon for FIRST PRIZE at a juried show titled "Wings" at the Dover Art League 2004.  The original artworks for both pictures...the Great Blue Heron & the Great White Egret are sold but limited edition (200) , signed and numbered prints are available. 

These prints are sold seperately for $40.00 each. They come in one size only, made to fit individually in 11" x 14" frames. A nice standard size for a frame. 

Wood Ducks

Here we have a very handsome pair of wood ducks. I enjoy watching them paddle quietly around Bombay Hook . The original painting is SOLD. Limited Edition S/N prints are available $40.00. One size only 10" x 6"

If you wish to purchase one of my pictures please contact me by phone or email and I will get back to you ASAP to discuss the easiest possible shipping and payment methods. I accept Visa/MasterCard, American Express , PayPal and of course cash or checks. With the exception of originals (which come framed and double matted) all prices are for unframed prints. Shipping is included in all prices.