I have to admit , I even like saying the words snap DRAGON & FIRE flies. I like those two words so close together. It makes me think of grand medieval things . Fire breathing dragons and such . Flowers standing tall in the night and illuminated by lightning bugs , that is a pretty grand idea too. I also liked the idea of painting something folks arent likely to go looking for, a view of the garden at nightfall. The original painting of "Snapdragon's & Fireflies" has been SOLD. But, limited edition , signed and numbered prints are still available for the price of $75.00 . This image measures  7.5" x 15". Because of the long thin shape of this picture the prints are only available in the one size

Grace's Fig Tree

Grace was a gentle & lovely Italian woman . A neighbor to my mother and a friend to my grandmother. She loved her garden and like many Italian families do , she kept a fig tree growing in her yard. She died and as her belongings were sorted out and kept , divided or thrown away by family...I was pleased and honored to find myself the new guardian of not only many of her spring bulbs but her fig tree as well.

I babied and loved that small tree and crossed my fingers that I was doing it no harm. The first summer the fruit came and I discovered how fabulous fresh figs are , I had never had one before. I cut the fig in half and saw a picture of female self , the fruit representing everything wonderful about a woman's sexuality. Reddish maroon in color and full of flesh and sweet and wet , tasting of green and earth and sweetness all at once. Wondrous.  The figs are delicious.

My picture here , of Grace's Fig Tree , tells a little story , inspired by the feminine appearance of the fruit. She is the Praying Mantis , infamous for her dominance over the males of the species....she bites off their heads after mating. She is on one side of the picture and the figs in full fruition divide the space between her and some very determined...Bachelor Buttons. A battle of the sexes and my own idea of wit .

The original of this painting is framed in a beautifully detailed dark wood frame with carved accents. The image alone measures 12" x 16". The price of the framed original is $ 1000.00.  I also have the image available in unframed, limited edition , signed & numbered prints. The larger print is sized to fit matted inside of a 16" x 20" frame and it is $80.00 . The smaller is sized to fit an 11 X 14 " frame the same way. The small print is $45.00.  So much easier to find , these standard sized frames. Why make life complicated ?

Moonlight Walk

I have always liked the sound of crickets at night. They have been a friendly and familiar part of this artist's life, I always thought it brought good luck to kindly escort them gently out of the house when they wander inside. We laugh because I almost brought a jarful with me when I moved to Delaware from Pennsylvania. I was afraid there wouldn't be any here and hoped to start a colony in my yard. I worried without need....there are plenty here already. This one is taking her nightly walk under the nasturtium .  The original of this painting is sold but signed and numbered ,  limited edition prints are still available .

The small prints are $ 45.00 and measure 7.5" x 11"

The large prints are $80.00 and measure 10.5" x 13.5"

If you wish to purchase one of these images please contact me by phone or email and I will get back to you ASAP to discuss the easiest possible shipping and payment methods. I accept Visa/MasterCard, American Express , PayPal and of course cash or checks. All prices include shipping.