Wolf Moon II

The Full Moon of every January is known as a WOLF MOON.

2016's Wolf Moon evening it snowed and when the clouds drifted off the landscape was illuminated in the most enchanting way. The original has been sold but signed numbered limited edition prints remain , but their numbers are few.  They are $ 45.00 each ,  the image is 7.5" x 10.25" approx.

Chapel Rock

I was honored in 2010 when I was invited to be the artist in residence at Pictured Rocks Lake Shore National Park in the Upper Peninsula Michigan. I was there most of the month of October and spent many happy days walking the shoreline paths , sketching and just taking in the awe inspiring beauty of Lake Superior and the cliffs and dunes of Pictured Rocks. It would be difficult to present one picture that could sum up the best of my experience in the U.P. but I sure gave it a go . I chose Chapel Rock as it is a notable rock formation on that shoreline. The tree that grows from it is a BIG full sized Pine that feeds from a root that stretches from the rock to mainland. The enormous rock itself is sculpted by weather and time and is intriguing with the twists and turns and layers of color and odd openings. It's unreal but certainly natural. 

So much of that area was breathtakingly beautiful. I arrived as the leaves begun to change to reds, orange and gold. The color of the lake is a dazzling turquoise and deep green turning lighter as it got shallower. When sunset came it brought peach and lavenders to the sky and as night fell I was overwhelmed with the multitude of stars! Living on the East Coast means many city lights and illuminated highways, our night skies are ruined. There in the U.P miles and miles from any major light source the dark was deep and the stars were spectacular. I tried to share the experience in a way through this picture ; the sun setting, the stars coming out, the leaves, the Chapel Rock.

This image is 7" wide and 13" tall .

Prints are available for $ 65.00

Sable Falls

Sable Falls is a picture I started while I was artist in residence in Michigan. The day I arrived in Grand Marasis it was pouring rain with a storm on the way. I moved into the Coast Guard building and settled in but was itching to go outside and look around. Soon as there was a break in the clouds my first stop was Grand Sable Falls. I followed the path down through the pines and mossy rocks along the falls listening to the trees scraping each other as strong winds pushed them around. The water was moving fast and the sound of wind, water and the newness of this place for me was very exhilarating. I am a girl who is used to the East Coast. Our dunes are smallish and when we come to a beach it is salt water that meets us on soft sand . Here on the shore of Lake Superior it took me a moment to grasp that this huge , wild body of water was not the ocean but a fresh water lake. The beach was not sand but fist sized rocks of every color. The dunes were impossibly high pushed higher by the strong winds that crossed the lake. I tried to share these things in one picture ; the viewpoint of seeing the falls for the first time through pine, the falls itself, the beach at it’s ending. There is no way to draw the excitement I felt that day so I try to share the beauty as I can.

The ORIGINAL is $1200 ,  double matted and framed in a dark frame to let the colors stand out.

The image is 11.5" x 15.5 " . It is available for $ 1200.00 . Limited Edition S/N Prints are available, unframed ~ Large 11" x 15" for $80.00 & small at 7.30 " x 10" for $45.00.


The last landscape did so well I decided to tackle another , a more ambitious one this time.    I like autumn and the sweet smell of corn on cool fall air .  I enjoy the drive between Milford and Rehoboth as it takes me past farms and fields.  So I honor the harvest season with this picture of a cornfield as its being cut.   I liked the challenge of maintaining order , as the corn is planted in a grid...yet.. each stalk itself is an individual growing as it may .  I admit I really bogged myself down with time consuming details on this picture but I am pleased with the result.  The last touches were the soft blue corn flowers and black eyed daisies in the forground.   

The original has been SOLD. Limited edition , signed and numbered prints are also available for $70.00. The Cornfield as well as Bombay Hook , only comes in the one size . The image itself being 10" wide and 16" long. The unusual rectangular shape combined with such fine details would make a smaller print difficult to appreciate . I hope that you saw Cornfield in person before seeing it here online because the details are something, even for me, a person who goes after them. It was a difficult picture to ink but I am very glad that I did.

Bombay Hook

This was my first departure from my usual close up and detailed way of doing things . I stepped back to take a wider look and inked this landscape of layered trees & grasses found just outside Bombay Hook.  Bombay Hook is a wildlife refuge near Smyrna Delaware.  It is home to many types of marshland creatures , water birds , turtles , deer, fox .  I am often struck by the way that nature leaves no part of earth unused , empty.  This is a picture of the beginnings of a forest.  The taller trees rise in the backround, saplings growing forward , towards the sun, away from the parent trees .  They push past young cedar , that grew through the grasses , that crowd the marsh.  No place left empty.   In the sky beyond I dotted in the snow geese , circling.  

 This painting won a ribbon for "Best of Show" at the Dover Art League , May 2004 , in a juried show entitled Delaware Landscapes . The original sold before the show closed but limited edition signed and numbered prints are available for $70.00.

The prints only come in one size because of the unusual rectangular shape. 

 If you wish to purchase one of my pictures please contact me by phone or email and I will get back to you ASAP to discuss the easiest possible shipping and payment methods. I accept Visa/MasterCard, American Express , PayPal and of course cash or checks. With the exception of originals (which come framed and double matted) all prices are for unframed prints. Shipping is included in all prices.