Gathering of Carnivores

A Gathering of Carnivores was inked because like many others I think carnivorous plants are so interesting. They, like many beautiful sights in nature, flourish in areas not really frequented by people. Swamps and wetlands are better suited for water fowl, snakes and amphibians but they are important to the overall balance on the Earth. In short, we need them to survive. In this picture you'll find Northern Pitcher Plants , Green Pitcher plants and Sun Dew. These are found here in Delaware as well as New Jersey and southward. These plants attract insects with their sweet scent. The insect crawls into the throat of the plant and cannot crawl out thanks to the hairs that line the inside of the plant. The Sun Dew also absorbs insects for nourishment but it is covered in a sweet sticky substance that a insect cannot resist or escape from. Do you notice the fly far right? If it gets past the carnivorous plants...will it escape the three frogs? An observer to the "gathering" is the baby Bog Turtle. It's life is worthy to be considered, prayed for and cherished as it is on the endangered list.

The Original is double matted inside a dark 18'x 24" frame. The image is 12 x 18" and is for sale for $1200.00 . Also available are signed numbered (200) archival quality prints. The large print is 10.5 x 15" and is $80.00. The small print is 7.5 x 10" and is $45.00 . Purchase information is at the bottom of this page.

Wood Frog

I was invited to be an artist in residence in the little red cabin at the head of the waterfall at the Platte Clove Preserve in the Catskills New York , Fall of 2011 .
I would leave the warm cozy cave of the cabin and walk the trails. I was overwhelmed with moss covered granite rock under big blue skies , shocks of red and gold in autumn color and the great display of nature’s forces as I watched the waters fall. Everywhere that I stopped to rest and observe this grandeur , I would look around to notice I had a quiet companion.
In every case a small wood frog kept me company.

We watched together.

The original is SOLD but limited edition S/N prints are still available of this wood frog. The prints measure 7" x 10" and are $45.00 .

Fellowship of Turtles

When springtime rolls around with that first really warm day , we begin to keep our eyes peeled for turtles as we know the sun will draw them out. We live near wetlands and turtles can be found climbing on the fallen logs bordering the ponds and marshes. Keeping children quiet so as not to frighten them ( the turtles) back into the water is a job but it is fun to spy on them with our binoculars . It is a treat to see the cozy fellowship that turtles share , piled shell upon shell , warm and friendly in the sun. It makes me wish to be among them to hear the stories they might tell. It is surprising to me , I do not know why really , to find the mud colored green of them edged sometimes in shocks of red and yellow designs . Beautiful. 

The original is SOLD. There are signed and numbered limited edition prints available in two sizes .

Now , please be a good citizen and if you see the turtles crossing the road , stop and help them get quickly to cooler , safer more turtley areas. We always do , and feel good about ourselves afterwards. And , Believe me ...if we die and God turns out to be a gigantic turtle...we are as good as gold :) .

Large Prints image size 15" x 11" $ 80.00

Small Prints image size 11" x 8 " $ 45.00

Diamondback Terrapin


The Diamondback Terrapin is a picture I wanted to ink for a long time. I saw my first one up close a few years ago at a nature center. I reached out a finger to touch its head and wondered at the softness of it's silvery white skin. Since then I have met a couple more and the colors that glow through their faces is sometimes a peach or a pink along with some silvery blue. They are beautiful! The back round was done late one summer after a day in Chincoteague Island.  It is composed of things I found as I walked the trails at the refuge there. My favorite find was the branch you see here in the grasses. It was dry as a bone washed up long ago in a high tide but the barnacle's shells hung on. In a word it looked COOL. So into the picture it went along with the teensy fowler toads that hopped around me as I knelt to sketch the aster. Four of those cuties hide in this picture. I couldn't finish the drawing or begin inking then as I wanted to draw the turtle while watching a live model. cold weather came it was impossible to find one in the wild. The good people at the Wetland Institute in Stone Harbor NJ came to my rescue when they told me that they had more than a dozen turtles right there swimming in their tanks. I couldn't believe my good fortune. That day with the diamondbacks was great fun. My favorite one walks across the picture.

The original Diamondback Terrapin inking is SOLD. I have limited edition (300) signed & numbered prints of museum quality available. They come in two sizes, chosen to fit frames that are either 11"x14" or 16" x 20". These are nice standard size frames and easy to find. Just trying to keep things easy.

The large prints are $80.00 & the small ones are $45.00

Toad's House

I was cleaning the garden and found a flower pot broken just as you see here. The break happened in such a way that it made a door into what could be a little house. But , who would live there? I immediately thought of the toads in our yard and I asked my son to catch one for me. I sketched him as he hopped around a big glass bowl on my desk . As soon as we could, we put him back in the garden so he could be happy again . Now he lives here along with a tiny friend in my picture of the "Toad's House" . The weeds are growing wild but they cool his front yard and he has some beautiful Chameleon plants in the backround for some flash. Why should a toad's life be dull? The original was SOLD this fall to a nice family from Virginia. There are limited edition , signed and numbered prints available as well. The image on the prints is just a tiny bit smaller than the original. Print Image 10" x 7.25" one size only $45.00

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