Indian Pipes & Earth Stars

Here is a picture full of things that I have wanted to ink for sometime.  Like the Indian pipes, which are the ghostly looking fungus in the foreground and bright rust colored shelf mushrooms hanging off the dying tree. In between there are earth stars peeking through the birches. Looking around the forest floor is as gratifying and beautiful as looking up into the heavens. I was in the woods on a rainy day and found a star shaped something or other . I had no idea what it was so I did some research to find out that it is an earth star mushroom . It starts out as ball shaped , but when the first drops of rain touch it , the points of the " star " unfold backwards lifting the mushroom up and out of the leaves , exposing its button center. My reward for walking in the woods in the rain , I would have not found them otherwise. They resemble painted , crackled hard leather and are interesting to look at . A sweet little butterfly of the same woodsy colors as the tree flutters by.

This picture won the 1st prize ribbon at the 2008 Lititz Art Show in Lititz Pa. The original has been SOLD . Limited Edition signed and numbered prints are available in two sizes .

 The larger is sized to fit a 16"x20" frame and is $80.00. The smaller Will fit in an 11" x 14" make things easy..and that one is $45.00.

Morel Mushrooms & Spring Beauty

Morel mushrooms, I have come to find out, have legions of devoted fans. When asked if he knew of a place to pick morels in Maryland one mushroom hunter declared "yes, but YOU will never know where it is because I will never tell you" . That's how it is. Just like finding a special fishing hole , a good morel patch is a secret to keep, They are that delicious and that rare with a short season of growth. Me? I don't know any secrets like that one. I have enjoyed wild mushrooms but not these ...yet. I hope someone will see this and invite me to a "hunt". Originally there were four pictures all sisters to each other. At 4.5" x 6.5" they are smaller than my usual inkings. ALL of the originals have already sold. The two you see here are available as prints. The top picture is called Morel & Spring Beauty.

The picture below is titled Morel Mushroom & Dutchman's Breeches Both pictures highlight the morels along side natural markers that the hunters use to find morel...dead wood, elm leaves and plants specific to May , which I hear is the best time of year to find morels.


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