Dusky Pygmy Rattler

I didn't go looking for rattle snakes but kept an eye out for them, which is different. It's also smart if you like to hike in their territory. I both dreaded and hoped to see one . These Dusky Pygmy Rattlers are small snakes as the adults grow to about 16" or so . I inked this one traveling over ground surface you are likely to find in Big Cypress; fallen palm leaves, sea shell fossils, ram horn snail shells . I designed two Celtic knots entwined together as the border for either side, as a reminder that all of nature is dependent on the health and well being of the creatures and environment shared together with it. Snakes are scary to some folks but I can't help but admire them for their beauty and purpose in the world.

The original is 6.5" x 10.25" and available framed and double matted for $350.00 . Limited Edition signed and numbered prints are available as well for $45.00.

Cool Shady Places

A friend once said that I make unusual artistic choices and from the reaction to the news that my latest picture was of a snake (ewwww) ....well, I have to smile. I was brought up in a place where a hike in the woods was more likely than watching TV. I still feel embraced and sheltered when surrounded completely by green , the tree's canopy above and soft moss below. In between there are the rocks & ferns and through them are the well traveled paths that we make or the obscure ones that deer follow to water everyday. As we walked we heard the caution...be careful of snakes. I couldnt be honest as an artist about representing the creatures that live so close and yet so quietly beside us , if I left out this common , beautiful snake. I lived years thinking it was called a garden snake. Then I heard garter snake. It is a harmless creature , pretty in the way all scaled animals are . This painting ( to my thinking) is the masculine mirror to the feminine of Grace's Fig. Cool Shady Places amounts to a pile of triangles, set on their wide bases , a primitive representation of the phallas. Snakes themselves are isolated by Freud as being dream symbols of manhood. I bring both ideas together in a picture of ferns shielding the snake. This snake , male or female... it doesn’t matter to me. For the most part I wanted to present the snake as I think of it , resting cool & quiet beneath green , minding it's own business, watching out for wayward feet.

The original image "Cool Shady Places" measures 18" x 14" and is available for $1500.00. There are limited edition , signed and numbered prints available for purchase  . The larger measures 15-1/4" x 12" , It's $80.00 and the smaller print measures 10-1/2" x 8" for $45.00

Ferns & Trout Lilies

I was not overly surprised to find that the image of cool green ferns was an inviting one to people but that the snake ( look at the image above) was not so welcomed. Snakes will always be beautiful to those who love them. For those who do not , I inked this picture of lovely Christmas ferns w/ their cinnamon colored spores . I especially wanted to highlight the graceful curl of new grown fern fronds with their silvery haired , soft as silk spines. I mixed in some Trout Lily, Dogtooth Lily to those from other parts of the country as they often share the same dark damp patches of earth.

The original image has been SOLD to a lovely couple in Virginia. Limited Edition Signed & Numbered prints are still available. The prints come in one size 10" x 8" for $45.00.

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